Siddik Malkoc

Professor Doctor

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Siddik Malkoc

Prof. Dr. Sıddık Malkoç received his dentistry training from the University of Hacettepe in 1997 and PhD from the University of Selçuk in 2002, in Turkey. During the course of his career he has undertaken duties as a clinical instructor, research and postgraduate coordinator at the Universities of Selcuk and Inonu. He is having over 300 publications and 100 presentations in different countries. He lectured in North America, and Europe.

He is active member of Turkish Orthodontic Society, European Orthodontic Society, World Federation of Orthodontics, American Association of Orthodontics, International Association for Dental Research, and The Turkish Academy of Science (2012-15). His research interests include fixed orthodontic treatment modalities, clear aligners, distraction osteogenesis, temporary anchorage devices, orthognatic surgery, TMJ disorders, biocompatibility of orthodontic materials, orthodontic bonding, temporary anchorage devices, and micro computed tomography. He is working a private practice on own clinics in Antalya, Turkey since 2020.

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