Upon completion of course each trainee receives a certificate of attendance with his/her name and surname on it. Certificates may not exceed the authority granted and recognized by the ministry of health.

Yes, we have.

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You can pay by bank transfer, by online payement on our website or even by applying in person for the course centre.

Almost all of our trainings have been planned as hands-on. All equipment and tools that can be used in dentistry are available in our course center. You have the opportunity to evaluate and make choices the courses given by our lecturers who have good academic career in the field of dentistry in a fully equipped environment.

Eğitimlerimizin tamamına yakını uygulamalı (hands-on) olarak planlanmıştır. Diş hekimliğinde kullanılabilecek tüm ekipman, araç ve gereçler kurs merkezimizde mevcuttur. Diş hekimliği ile ilgili alanında iyi akademik kariyere sahip hekimler tarafından tam donanımlı ortamda eğitimlerimiz verildiğinden seçenekleri değerlendirip tercihte bulunabilirsiniz.