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Istanbul Dental Academy (IDA) is a fully equipped continuing education center operating in Istanbul, which organizes training in all fields of dentistry and also for professionals related to dentistry. IDA has no branches.

Today, one of the general problems of complementary education and course programs related to dentistry is that they are carried out in limited physical environments that cannot meet clinical conditions. Because; The primary founding purpose of IDA is to provide post-graduate complementary training on dentistry, which is basically a scientific discipline focused on practical application, in conditions closest to the clinical environment. IDA aims to meet the complementary training needs in the sector primarily with its own instructor staff and training programs; In line with calendar availability, it also opens its doors to third parties and institutions who want to take their planned training programs to a higher level by implementing them under ideal physical conditions.

Operating in an area of 160 m² between 2018 and 2022, IDA,due to lack of space and the need to organize 2 courses at the same time continues its training in its new location with an area of 750 m² as of March 2022, . With the experience gained from IDA's first training center, we provide service in our new location with a design that meets all needs. Our new training center has 2 fully equipped training halls. Both training halls have a high-resolution projector, high-definition (4K) cameras, camera and fixed light source holders, and a sound system.

The training hall is equipped with compressed air and water installations; The instructor desk and trainee desks have the necessary connection points, foot pedal and air-water spray for all dental heads that work with air pressure. In addition, on all tables, self-contained lighting, electrical power supply for electrically powered desktop devices and charging station for devices that can be charged via USB port are available. Thanks to the covered sink equipment on the tables, it is possible to do wet work with all kinds of heads.

Boğaziçi Training Hall

• In an area of 123 m²

• 32 trainee tables and 1 instructor table

• Amplifier layout

• High resolution dual projection system

• Dimmable light system

 Haliç Training Hall

• In an area of 69 m²

• 21 trainee desks and 1 instructor desk

• High resolution projection system

• Dimmable light system

In addition to the training halls within the institution, there are areas suitable for serving tea and coffee between training sessions, a smoking area, a meeting hall, men's and women's prayer rooms and a dining hall. By IDA to its corporate customers; Various and flexible rental options are offered, such as using only the presentation facilities, using the pressurized air-water installation and camera system in addition to the presentation facilities, and providing all general dental heads and light polymerization devices upon request.

In this context, IDA; It creates an ideal training environment for all training programs with different concepts such as presentation, workshop or hands-on. For details of the appropriate calendar for corporate leasing, single or multiple leasing options and different leasing concepts, please contact the IDA secretariat via e-mail [email protected].