Istanbul Dental Academy (IDA) is a continuing education centre established in Istanbul, Turkey in 2018 to support the post-graduate professional training and development of all oral and dental health professionals, especially dentists. The materials, equipment and techniques used in the field of oral and dental health are constantly evolving, and these developments encourage professionals working in the sector to provide sustainable high and up-to-date service quality and to professional competition. The need for professional development and updating drives sector employees to post-graduation training, but these trainings can often be carried out in unsuitable environmental conditions and opportunities. For this reason, IDA; It was established as a training center whose physical conditions and equipment are ideally suited for theoretical and practical training on oral and dental health. Our goal is to bring together our expert and competent instructor staff with professionals who demand professional development on an ideal platform and to increase the quality of education by providing it under conditions closest to real conditions. Since 2022, IDA has been continuing its educational activities in its new location an area of 750m² in a central location in terms of transportation, in the heart of the city of Istanbul.

IDA always supports you in your career journey.