Kenan Nazaroglu

Doctor (PhD)

[email protected]

Kenan Nazaroglu

Dr. Nazaroglu graduated from the Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2005. He continued his education at Istanbul University, Department of Periodontology. Received his PhD degree from Istanbul University Department of Periodontology in 2013. From 2013 to 2017 Dr. Nazaroglu had been a member of the faculty at the Bezmialem Vakif University Department of Periodontology as an assistant clinical professor.

During this period, he lectured for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. In these years, he conducted 2 studies on effect of laser therapy as an adjunct to non surgical periodontal treatment. Dr. Nazaroglu mainly engaged in clinical studies and mainly deals with immediate implant placement with immediate loading, treatment of peri-implantitis, correction of dental implant treatments, treatments of gingival recessions, surgical guide in dental implant issues. He continues working in his own clinic.

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